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Technological advancements have made everything available at the click of a button. Though we all end up calling google our so-called teacher, no one can beat the virtual connection and distance learning platforms which are fast gaining pace. 

With the new normal due to the current pandemic situation when schools have also shifted to e-schooling, home-based teaching is going to be the new cool.

The eagerness to learn, upskill, and progress in your field is the need of the hour. Home-based online teaching jobs are going to be an important ingredient in the education system.

If you are a teacher, tutor, mentor wondering how to bag an online teaching job from home, you are at the apt place.

Your right blend of knowledge, expertise, and eagerness to put forth your teaching experience in practicality is what we are here to guide you with.

How to begin?

Here is the sneak-peek into the world of online teaching:

  • Know Your Forte:

Yes, online teaching seems so much fun and if you are a lady, home-based online teaching jobs are a blessing while you manage home and work. 

But, before you jump to the conclusion of being an online teacher, you need to know your expertise and the kind of tutor you wish to be.

There are varied roles available for you to choose from.

  • Personal Tutor:  

With a generation striving for double income, single kids are prevalent in most homes. Children are used to receiving undivided attention. The need for personal or private tutors is in high demand. 

As much as it is cool to be known as a private tutor for you to decide the intake of children, the qualifications and knowledge that you bring to the table while helping the child in his academics are equally monitored.

The economies of scale are measured more intrinsically at both ends for the money that a parent puts in as much as for the time, energy, and effort the tutor puts in.

  • Vocational Training:

Knowing something different and calling our child’s class apart is what all parents wish for. With academics being the crux, enrolling children in activity classes and language coaching is on the rise.

As much as individuals want to be a class apart, trainers have to be equally up in the game. Learning a foreign language is an art and skill not bagged by many. 

Once you learn a foreign language and apply it to practical use with the added advantage of your teaching talent you are all set to bag the job of a home-based language trainer.  

The more levels you complete of the language, one can effectively help your student learn from the beginner to the advanced level.

Apply for Online Teaching Jobs From Home

Once you know the role you wish to take up, you need to be there out in the world to market yourself.  Registering on the different websites as per your expertise is something to look out for. Some of the online websites to help you bag a home-based teaching job are as follows:

1. Tutor.com

One of the oldest and most trusted of all is tutor.com. If you are in the US or Canada and wish to take up a home-based online teaching job, tutor.com has to be your first choice. Tutor.com offers one to one learning platform for both teachers and students.  

You, just need to put in your social security number and register. After filling out your application form you need to pass the assessment test and within a period of 1-3 weeks, you are out there helping students learn and grow. Your earnings are a direct impact on the subject that you teach. 

Not just tutoring, they also help in career guidance and peer- learning.


Are you are a lady and looking out for home-based online teaching jobs for women? Are you a language training expert and have a knack for English along with being a native English speaker, you can be an apt fit? The greatest advantage is you can schedule your time to teach balancing your household chores. 

3. Uteach

Looking to build your own brand with teaching? Uteach is a platform that not only helps you upload your course material and videos but also create your own website. You build and share your knowledge about the subject through your dream website. 

What more? A custom blog to share your articles and attract your target audience.

4. Chegg Tutor

Is money your motive alongside building a reputation then Chegg tutor is the perfect blend. The hourly payments and the feedback from your students help you earn fast as well as to develop your identity. The feedback helps with an opportunity to build an organic customer base. 

Also, you answer the student’s questions and get paid for the number of questions you answer. Less investment and more return is the motto.

5. Vedantu

Looking to teach school students from the grades of 6th to 12th, Vedantu is the best online home-based teaching site. It also helps in IIT and JEE coaching.

Working at Vedantu will help earn the best returns depending on the number of hours you put in.

6. Byjus

It’s a well-known organization in the education domain helping school students from class 4th to 12th. 

Something which stands out is their app for toddlers. It helps with tutoring young kids.

They also have BNAT ( Byju’s National Aptitude Test) which helps students from grade 4 to higher secondary standards in evaluating their aptitude, personality traits, likings, and strengths.

7. Udemy

It is one of the most famous websites for both teaching and learning online. Unlike other platforms, Udemy promotes learning through videos.

There is a sea of videos on the same topic as well as varied topics. The videos are based on vocational courses as well as educational topics. You think of a subject and you are bound to find a video on the subject. The payments are made once a student buys your course.

8. Classplus

In case you are new to the online teaching world and are stuck on where to begin, Classplus can help you seek and provide the tools to go digital.

You get paid not only for taking the classes online but also for customized education content for kids.

9. WhiteHatJr

If you have the knack for coding and development, you can surely club your passion for coding and teaching alike by helping kids from as young as 4 years olds to 18 years olds.

You can help them learn the logic, structure, expression, and creative solution to grasp and think out of the box from a young age.

  • Certification Courses:

As much as online tutoring sounds lucrative, there is cutthroat competition. You need to stand out from the crowd and build your niche.

Certifications and upskilling your knowledge on the subject help you win that brownie point over others.

The more certifications you get help in building your brand and CV and hone your skills thereby sailing easily.

  • Space For Training:

As much as it is important to decide on the course and subject, finding a place to teach is equally important. 

The things to consider while choosing a space are

Keep a bright lighting space

Check for the wifi and internet connectivity 

Avoid any external disturbances of sound/noise using the best webcam and mic to have clear and continuous communication with students

Check different web tools like zoom, skype, and google meet to know the one that best suits your need. It should be a mutual win while you express and teach through white and blackboards and color markers.

  • Build Your Custom Profile

As the same size does not fit all, your profile should be curated and customized as per the job portals and the platforms.

Not just this, you need to equally keep in mind your target audience and their needs. Keep updating your skills and profile to not miss an opportunity to attract more students.

Lastly!, I am sure knowing the intricacies of online teaching and following these steps will surely be guided to the best home-based online teaching job fitting all your requirements.

Until then keep learning, keep teaching, and keep exploring!


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