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In today’s world, keeping our well-deserved lifestyle is quite pricey. Sometimes our full-time jobs are not enough to suffice our needs. And that is why people hunt for part-time online jobs to stabilize the mismatch between their earnings and their needs.

It is quite impractical to engage in two different jobs that necessitate your physical presence. That is why part-time online jobs from home are growing their popularity among people who want to earn some money in leisure.

How to Apply for Part-Time Jobs Online from Home

I generally come across the question multiple times, asking me how to bag good part-time online jobs. Well, I have been freelancing for almost a decade now, and I remember it was exceedingly difficult job for me to land a job when I started. It needs solid experience in freelancing to bag some well-paid deals and clients for whom you’d love to work.

In this article, I want to share my experience about the right ways to showcase your skills and work to make your journey a bit easier. Since it took me many rejected applications before I could actually ag my first freelance work, I won’t let that happen to you.

Here are the top three websites where you can apply for an online job:

  • Upwork: Upwork is a freelancing platform where enterprises and individuals connect. It offers a range of jobs, and I like Upwork because all your payments on this platform are secure. Upwork gets a 20% commission for your first $500 income per client.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is another website with great freelance part-time online jobs from home near me. You can introduce your skills through this platform and get hired by companies that need your skill set.
  • People per Hour: People per Hour is a platform where freelancers connect to employers who need help. You can directly apply for jobs posted by clients, and you can also discuss how you want to fix your hours.

21 Latest Part-Time Online Jobs

1. Blogging  

Starting your own blog is one of the best ways to make money online, part-time online jobs from home. Blogging is a passive income that can keep growing month after month, and you can monetize your blog the way you want.

You will have the opportunity of ad placement and earning every time someone clicks on those ads. You can sell your eBooks, and e-Courses and create a hire me page to offer your blogging services to other companies. I’m sure while looking for part-time online jobs from home, starting your very own blog will be the best.

2. Freelance Content Writer

There is a huge demand for creative and reliable web content since it helps different websites rank on Google faster. All you need to have is good language skills, proficiency, and the ability to write search-engine-optimized content. You also have to take care of your grammar and linguistic errors.

A content writer needs to create content; it can be creating content or technical content. And the payment depends upon the length of the content and the difficulty level while researching the topic. You can also earn higher by increasing your working hours and number of words.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

For those who are not familiar with the term affiliate marketing, it is simply referral marketing, where you can earn from the commission.

Let’s say that you have a blog or a website that referrers a book on amazon. When a visitor will visit your website and will click on the affiliate link for buying the book, Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale. ‘Start Affiliate Marketing”

Affiliate marketing is one of the most trending part-time online jobs from home. You can start earning money passively just by spending on creating a blog.

4. Freelance Web Designer

Website development is all about involving yourself in creating and designing websites for the internet. A web developer does everything from website layout designing to website performance testing as per the client’s requirements.

Suppose you can create a website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. In that case, you can do well in this profession. As a web developer, you will need to learn some basics of coding and markup languages, search engine optimization, and photoshop. A website designer can earn up to a six-figure income in a month based on commitment and duration.

5. Graphic Designing

Every business requires design for visual communication as an aspect of their business. If you have a good understanding of creating and combining symbols, images, and text, you can become a graphic designer.

The best part about a graphic designer job is that you can work from home and create your own unique ideas. You need to work only in fixed hours and will be paid well by businesses. If you are creative enough with high demand, this can be a great career option for you. There is various designing software which will help you to pursue this job.

6. Search Engine Optimization 

If you are a newbie to digital marketing, search engine optimization can sound very intimidating. But trust me, there is no rocket science in learning search engine optimization and pursuing it as your part-time career. If you take a professional course in SEO, it will help you learn the basics, which you can put into the work. Just after a few months of practice, you can become a successful search engine optimization professional.

Why is this profession at the top of the list?

Because you will get two things by becoming a search engine optimization professional:

  • A steady side income
  • Knowledge to start your own blog.

There are tons of resources online which will help you to do a course in SEO.

7. Virtual Assistance 

Virtual assistants are generally self-employed who provide virtual assistance to companies worldwide with an active internet connection.

The day-to-day tasks of a virtual assistant involve:

  • Social media marketing
  • Responding to emails
  • Blogging
  • Creating emails
  • Maintaining business documents

Well, a virtual assistant’s job responsibilities may be different depending upon the type of business you are handling.

A virtual assistant generally needs to become a multitasker who also possesses good communication skills and the ability to handle Ms.Office for data collection and organizing applications efficiently. You can earn according to the service you provide to different companies.

8. Data Entry 

This is one of the easiest and most common part-time online jobs from home you will find on the internet. You can utilize your extra time to earn some extra money from data entry. This profession has flexible working hours and comparatively less work stress.

All you have to do is enter or update the data provided by your company. Even though you have to handle a huge amount of data, it is quite easy to do so through modern technological benefits. You don’t require to invest any money before starting a data entry job.

9. Online Tutoring

Nowadays, teaching is not only a job that is restricted to classrooms. There is a wide range of opportunities for qualified tutoring people and have expertise in any subject.

Many graduates and postgraduates facing unemployment due to competition in the teaching sector can opt for online tutoring jobs. Many online teaching platforms connect students with teachers. Online coaching is also available for competitive exams, which helps students who are residing in remote locations.

10. Social Media Marketing

Along with the popularity of social media, social media marketing has evolved from being just a fad to an essential tool for online marketing. It is a great part-time job from home. All this profession requires is knowledge of various social media platforms and their marketing norms. You have to design and control different social media marketing campaigns for companies.

11. Language Translation 

Language translation is one of the best part-time online jobs from home. If you are an expert in at least 2 languages, you are suitable for this job.

Indians have added advantage of this job opportunity because of our knowledge of two languages, English and any regional language. Many countries that lack experts in English can quickly hire a language translator.

You are paid for every word translated per hour. This job has a global market because of the requirement of translators to communicate in different industry verticals.

12. Medical Transcriptionist  

This job is suitable for students and people looking for part-time online jobs from home. If you have a medical background, that is a plus advantage for you. You can work from home. To start your career as a medical transcriptionist, you can list some medicines or medical professionals around the globe. Suppose you have knowledge of the subject and a high-quality earpiece to listen to the prescriptions. In that case, you are suitable for this job. You have to deal with voice files, recorded notes, and other spoken material created during a lecture.

13. Virtual Bookkeeping  

Virtual bookkeeping jobs are in high demand nowadays, and you don’t need to have the experience to get started. All you need is an eye that can identify every detail and a caring spirit.

People are earning up to $50 per hour from virtual bookkeeping as a part-time online job. There are various courses to teach you how to start your own virtual bookkeeping business and land some high-paying clients.

14. Taking Surveys 

If you love sharing your opinions, you can take part and earn money from online surveys. You can pursue this job during your leisure for money. There is absolutely no task pressure on when to take those surveys.

Many companies will pay you real money to share your opinions about their products and services. Taking online surveys is a great side hustle if you have some time to spare. You can earn $10 to $20 per survey, but some will pay you as high as $100 per survey.

These surveys take not more than 20 minutes to complete, and the questions are simple and fall in line with the products and services you already know about.

There are certain survey sites to check out:

  • Swagbucks
  • Opinion outpost
  • Survey junkie

15. Proofreading  

If you are great at English grammar, proofreading jobs are the easiest way to make a decent amount of money. The main responsibility is to correct the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors of a document created by another writer in an eBook, blog post, journal, article, etc.

These jobs are quite easy, and you can do them during your flexible hours. Nighttime is probably the best for doing this job. And many genuine companies offer proof trading jobs.

16. Teaching English Speaking Online

If you have great communication skills and if you like to teach, then teaching English to other people is great. Some people are looking forward to polishing their English communication. And online English teaching is a great part-time online job from home.

You can teach through Skype or other platforms for interaction. You can even create your online English-speaking course and sell those on Udemy.

17. Becoming a YouTuber 

YouTube has become the world’s largest search engine where billions of people watch videos every day. If you are interested in making vlog content on a single out of various niches, you can earn a good amount of money from YouTube.

It is not a hard job, and all you need is to create a YouTube channel and upload helpful videos relevant to the topic you have chosen. If you continue uploading videos regularly, you will get many subscribers. That is how you can monetize your channel with Google AdSense.

It is a great income source for people who are looking for part-time online jobs from home.

18. Customer Service Representative

If you are a great listener who can provide effective customer service, you can opt for this job opportunity. You will need a computer with speakers and a stable internet connection to start as a customer service representative.

The best part of this job is you can schedule your work when it fits you. And you must be available to work at least 10 hours per week for a part-time position as there is some sort of commitment involved.

19. Social Media Evaluating

How will it sound if I tell you that you can monetize the time you normally spend on social media? Well, it is possible!!

Social media evaluators provide feedback on social media feeds and search results. You can help companies better know their audience through your opinions. You can also help them improve their marketing strategies.

This position is a great fit for people looking for part-time online jobs from home, especially for flexible work opportunities.

20. Selling Online

If you love to create handicrafts and want to earn some extra bucks by selling your creations, this is the best time to do so. There are many art and crafts sellers who are selling their products online.

You can enroll yourself in different e-Commerce stores or start your own e-Commerce website for the selling purpose.

21. Voiceover Work

Whether you are in a car and listening to an audiobook, watching a TV game show, or online surfing your social media feed, voice-over content is all around us. If you have a pleasant speaking voice and looking for a way to make extra money from home, online voiceover jobs are suitable for you. As a voiceover artist, you can use your voice to narrate, promote, explain or tell stories without being physically seen.

There are various voiceover jobs available, including:

  • TV and radio commercials
  • Podcasts
  • Video games
  • Online educational content
  • Animations

Along with the increasing demand for voice-overs in different industry verticals, you can find a voiceover work-from-home job opportunity on a freelancing website.

What is the best work-from-home part-time job?

Among all the 21-part time online jobs from home, freelance content writing is something that I prefer personally. The beauty of being a content writer is that, and I get paid for following my passion for writing. Plus, I can do this from home or from any location of my choice. 

Freelance writing has an exceptionally low barrier to entry. It is suitable for students and other professionals as a side hustle. According to the statistic, freelance content writers’ and authors’ job outlook is projected to have a growth of 8% from 2016 to 2026. 

If you want to pursue your career as a freelance writer, you will be paid either per word or per hour.  

Now let me tell you how to become a freelance writer. 

  • Believe in Yourself: It is the most important aspect, in my opinion, while starting your journey as a freelance writer. If you believe in yourself to be successful, nothing can stop you. 
  • Start Writing: As a freelance writer, the most important thing you need to do is start writing. Make writing a daily practice and the best place to do this is to start your own blog. 
  • Find Your Niches: You can select a few niches or pick one you are interested in. For example, if you are an interior designer, you can select home decor and furniture as your niche.


Having a tight day schedule is hard, and certainly, opting for another part-time job will not be a cakewalk. But since you have decided to earn some extra bucks by doing something that interests you, a Part Time Online jobs from Home will excite you.

Moreover, whatever you choose to pursue, just make sure that you be consistent with it. Well, it is easy to give up on something that is not producing desirable income goals. But all you need to do is to keep hustling and improving your skills in those times when you have a strong feeling of giving up. Consistency is something that will separate the ones who make big bucks from the ones who fade away.